As an event management company our Services are useful to human resource managers, event co-ordinators, social committee members and those who's job functions involves marketing and promotions.


Saj has been handling events for more than 12 years now and has hosted events for as many as 5,000 guests to a small group of 50 persons. Be it a D & D, a Theme Party, a Family Day, a Product Launch or Promotion at Shopping Centres, he has done it all and will plan and organize games and activities to suit the type of audience and the requirements of the organizing committee. He will also dress to the occasion.
Over the years he has hosted functions attended by top government officials as well as Private company and many MNCís gatherings and parties, some formal and some informal. He has been engaged for Team Building events and Road Shows, Country Clubs and Community Centres / Clubs and Residents Committees events like Halloween Nite, Mothersí Day and Childrenís Day Parties, Racial Harmony Celebrations, National Day Events as well as simple Block Parties.