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Naidu Gautama

Naidu Gautama brings to your event, 15 years of experience in the arena of entertainment. He started out as a Disc Jockey with The Music Force back in 1987 working as a resident DJ at some of the top discos such as Rainbow, Hard Rock Café, Fire, Khameleon and Top Ten. He has also been a disc jockey in Tokyo at the famed Tokyo Juliana’s. He hosted a 6 months radio programme for the NTUC radio station called Beats & Rhymes back in 1995.
Naidu Gautama is also an accomplished magician and can perform at your event a mysterious magical art form called Mentalism. In this performance Naidu Gautama creates the illusion of extraordinary cognitive & mental abilities, such as performing rapid mathematical calculations, reading a persons mind, moving objects by thought alone and accurately predicting a future event.